Hi, I’m Craig.

Just to make it perfectly clear, some of the content listed on my site does provide me a small commission, paid by the seller, as a referral fee. However, this is not the sole motivation for listing any such subject matter. I regularly list really cool information that I receive absolutely no compensation for.

I thought it best to start small by focusing on three niche product markets and include an articles section, as apposed to trying to gain everyone’s acceptance right out of the gate. I have choosen the following three product markets and articles to introduce UberEZ.

  • Equine – My daughter has been devoted to horses since she was about 8 years old. She competes, trains, studies and just all around loves horses. I couldn’t help but get sucked up into this world. I’m loving it.
  • Minimalism – I feel I’ve practiced this just about my entire life. Anyone that knows me would most likely agree. For me it’s just a great feeling knowing I’m not tied down to a bunch of physical possessions that basically end up getting in my way.
  • Wow – I think just about everyone likes the Wow factor. It seems to almost be part of our DNA to get excited about odd and unusual things or events. For this reason, I decided to include this niche as well. They’re just fun to look at!
  • Articles – My articles are embedded directly in the catalog. It’s a combination of interesting articles I’ve found on the web and articles which I have written. There’s plenty of bad news one can read about, so my articles focus only on the good.

Once again, I do not carry any of the products listed on my site, nor do I directly sell anything.